Financial Services
Selected Project Summaries
Methodology Specific Research Objectives Business Application
In-depth, in-person interviews with high-net-worth customers
  • Learn about this segment’s needs, expectations, and preferred methods of communication
  • Explore the value of various components of a proposed recognition program
  • Investigate interest in potential new products and services
  • Help guide the development of a new recognition program
Individual interviews, entailing:

  • Observation as individuals performed specific tasks on the financial institution’s website
  • Intermittent probing as needed
  • Follow-up questions after the tasks were completed
  • Uncover problems with the website in terms of:
    • Ease of navigation
    • Clarity of instructions and options
    • User-friendliness
  • Provide input for making the website more user-friendly
Focus groups and in-depth interviews with male and female members of each of six consumer segments
  • Gain insight into each segment’s:
    • Attitudes toward finances and behaviors relating to managing their finances
    • Channel usage and preferences
    • Bill payment behaviors and preferences
    • Perceptions of financial institutions
  • Provide video footage for bringing the segments to life
  • Highlight segment differences and bring the segments to life for use in:
    • Developing value propositions
    • Tailoring strategic marketing messages
    • Training employees how to engage customers
Focus groups with current customers across several customer segments
  • Gain a better understanding of each segment’s investing attitudes and behaviors
  • Learn about each segment’s impressions of the company and its competitors
  • Probe reactions to potential services
  • Help select and optimize the most relevant services for each of those segments
  • Provide input into the development of segment-driven marketing strategies intended to cultivate customer loyalty
Focus groups with members of various professional associations
  • Gain insight into:
    • Customers’ and prospects’ understanding of specific types of insurance products
    • The decision process involved in purchasing those types of insurance products
  • Explore the value of association endorsements
  • Elicit feedback to existing direct mail packages
  • Provide guidance for developing more relevant and compelling direct mail packages mailed to members of professional associations
Focus groups with a specific segment of investors
  • Gain insight into how members of this segment make investment decisions
  • Learn about their impressions of the company and its competitors
  • Explore which types of communications are most relevant and motivating to this segment of investors
  • Help optimize communications targeted to this segment
Focus groups with new customers
  • Explore new customers’ perceptions of the company
  • Probe attitudes and usage of introductory materials
  • Investigate expectations and preferences with regard to introductory and subsequent communications
  • Help determine the best direction for future introductory communications
Focus groups with credit card holders
  • Gain insight into the importance of several proposed enhancements to the credit card
  • Learn how such enhancements might influence card usage
  • Explore reactions to specific rewards and reward programs
  • Help guide the development of a new loyalty program
Website Usability Study with employees and clients
  • Gain feedback to the website prototype in terms of:
    • User friendliness
    • Ease of navigation
    • Page layout/design
    • Navigation buttons
    • Specific features
  • Help refine and optimize the website prior to its launch
Focus groups with retirees and pre-retirees
  • Gain insight into how these audiences think about and deal with managing their retirement income and expenses
  • Explore reactions to a variety of product and service concepts
  • Help guide the decisions about which products and services, if any, to pursue