Selected Project Summaries
Methodology Specific Research Objectives Business Application
Triads and quads among frequent and infrequent frozen entree customers
  • Probe perceptions of the brand and the imagery associated with it
  • Understand the importance and impact of different packaging elements
  • Explore reactions to alternative package designs
  • Guide the selection and refinement of a new package design for the product line
Focus groups among frozen entree consumers
  • Explore why purchasers of competitors’ products are not purchasing the client’s products
  • Investigate what the product’s name communicates
  • Probe reactions to alternative names
  • Gauge reactions to alternative package designs
  • Help increase the brand’s market share through product and packaging changes
Focus groups with purchasers of a particular type of pastry Gain insight into:

  • Attitudes and behaviors relating to the product
  • The purchase decision process
  • Awareness of and attitudes toward different brands
  • Perceptions of different types of packaging
  • Potential unmet needs
  • Inform decisions relating to expanding the company’s product line
  • In-depth phone interviews with wholesale poultry purchasers:
    • Buyers and sales reps at food distributors
    • Retail buyers
    • Restaurant chefs
  • Focus groups with consumers who buy “natural” or organic poultry
  • Among wholesale customers:
    • Identify issues that might arise as a result of re-branding
    • Explore reactions to potential branding changes
  • Among consumers:
    • Gain insight into the poultry purchase decision
    • Explore reactions to competitive packaging and claims
    • Probe reactions to alternative brand names
  • Provide input for developing a branding strategy and related messaging as the company streamlines and enhances its branding