Selected Project Summaries
Type of Client Methodology Specific Research Objectives Business Application
Game Manufacturer Focus groups with:

  • Children
  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Explore the psychology and sociology of game playing
  • Gain insight into players’ relationship with a particular game
  • Develop hypotheses to be tested in quantitative research
  • Provide direction for:
    • Marketing strategy
    • New product development
International Sporting Competition Organization Focus groups, divided among:

  • Men
  • Women
  • 7th and 8th grade boys
  • Understand attitudes toward this particular competition and how it compares to other entertainment events
  • Explore how the competition might be improved
  • Generate topics to be included in a quantitative study
  • Provide direction to help ensure that the competition will continue to be relevant over time
Web Portal Targeted to Children
  • Assignment to visit the website and perform certain tasks (prior to the session)
  • Observation of the children as they revisited the site, navigated it, and interacted with it
  • In-depth interviews with parents and children
  • Gain feedback to the site in terms of:
    • Ease of navigation
    • Content
  • Explore differences in interests, reactions, and abilities of children at different ages
  • Uncover problems and elicit suggestions for improvement
  • Provide guidance for optimization of the website/portal
Manufacturer of Arts-and-Crafts Supplies
  • Focus groups with mothers of children ages 4-12
  • Focus groups with 8- and 9-year-old children
  • Uncover anticipated challenges and opportunities
  • Explore attitudes toward specific programs and resources
  • Understand boundaries for merchandising
  • Gain feedback to possible names
  • Help optimize a new retail idea prior to launch
Producer of Videos for Children
  • Focus groups with mothers of children ages 4-7
  • Observation of children as they viewed a video segment
  • Interviews with children and their mothers
  • Learn about the decision process associated with purchasing children’s videos
  • Explore responses to:
    • A new product idea
    • A prototype of the product
    • Alternate positionings
  • Help guide product refinements
  • Help direct the product positioning
Fast-Food Chain Focus groups with:

  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Explore motivations for visiting fast-food restaurants
  • Understand how this chain compares with competitors in terms of meeting practical and emotional needs
  • Develop ideas for improving:
    • The in-store experience
    • Marketing efforts
  • Help build a foundation for repositioning the brand
Publisher Multi-phased research program, including:

  • In-person interviews with fifth graders
  • Focus groups and in-depth phone interviews with teachers
  • In-depth phone interviews with teachers who had participated in a beta test
  • Explore reactions to a new magazine concept
  • Gain feedback to prototypes of the magazine
  • Provide direction for refining the:
    • Editorial content
    • Design
Furniture Store In-depth, in-home interviews with children/teenagers, conducted in their bedrooms
  • Understand children’s attitudes toward — and relationship with — their bedroom furniture
  • Help determine the value of advertising furniture to children/teens
  • Provide input into the development of furniture advertising targeted to children/teens