Travel & Entertainment
Selected Project Summaries
Type of Client Methodology Specific Research Objectives Business Application
TV Network Affiliate A series of 90-minute in-depth interviews with 35-54 year-old women who watch TV
  • Identify core emotional drivers
  • Inform the development of a new brand identity for the network affiliate
Amusement Park Focus groups among frequent and infrequent visitors
  • Gain insight into the benefits of staying engaged with the amusement park
  • Explore how visitors stay engaged and would like to stay engaged
  • Probe reactions to post-visit communications
  • Uncover communication channel and frequency preferences
  • Uncover opportunities for strengthening visitors’ engagement with the park in order to increase their visiting frequency
International Sporting Competition Organization Focus groups, divided among:

  • Men
  • Women
  • 7th & 8th grade boys
  • Understand attitudes toward this particular competition and how it compares to other entertainment events
  • Explore how the competition might be improved
  • Generate topics to be included in the subsequent quantitative study
  • Provide direction to help ensure that the competition will continue to be relevant over time
Car Rental Company Numerous rounds of interviews with:

  • Business travelers
  • Leisure travelers
  • Gain insight into the car rental decision-making process
  • Explore consumers’ perceptions of the benefits of new products and services
  • Explore reactions to television commercials in storyboard form
  • Help guide advertising strategy development
  • Provide direction for advertising development for new products and services
  • Help in the selection and refinement of alternate executions prior to production
Airline Focus groups with international business travelers in:

  • United States
  • Germany
  • Better understand the mind-set of international business travelers
  • Explore reactions to:
    • The idea of a new class of service
    • Specific elements of the service
    • Alternate positionings
    • Possible names
  • Provide input into the development, naming, and positioning of a new class of service
Tour Operator Focus groups with travel agents (who served as representatives of the consumer perspective)
  • Gain insight into travel/vacation trends
  • Gauge reactions to a new travel product
  • Assess the appeal of sample itineraries
  • Uncover marketing/promotional needs
  • Provide a marketplace perspective on the viability of a new travel product
  • Discern which consumer segments this product would be likely to attract
Travel Club
  • In-depth interviews with active and inactive members of the club
  • Webcam triads with active members of the club
  • Explore members’:
    • Initial expectations of the club
    • Current perceptions of the club
    • Reasons for not using the club more often
    • Attitudes toward direct mail pieces from the club
  • Elicit suggestions for improving the club and its communications pieces
  • Help increase participation in the club
International Gaming Company Focus groups among people who regularly participate in gaming activities (e.g., betting on horses, online gaming, casinos)
  • Explore how gamers choose the brands they interact with
  • Probe perceptions of different gaming brands, including the client’s brands
  • Determine whether any of the company’s different brands have sufficient equity across markets to become a global brand