Selected Project Summaries
Type of Client Methodology Specific Research Objectives Business Application
Real Estate Developer Focus groups among current homeowners in a unique housing community
  • Gain insight into:
    • The type of people who have chosen to live in such a community
    • The decision-making process involved in choosing to live there
    • How homeowners reconcile paying a premium for shared open space
  • Provide guidance for the design and marketing of a different type of housing community
Retailer Webcam focus groups with recent customers who had recently purchased an appliance
  • Explore reactions to and understanding of the various elements of an online guided selling tool
  • Discover unmet needs
  • Gauge reactions to the idea that the retailer would offer such a tool
  • Help optimize the retailer’s online “guided selling tools”
Major Manufacturer of Children’s Products Quads with sales consultants for several direct marketing companies
  • Explore reactions to a new in-home selling concept
  • Uncover potential challenges, and gain input into how they might be addressed
  • Vet the proposition among people already committed to this kind of business model
A New In-Home Sales Channel for a Major Manufacturer of Children’s Products Focus groups with:

  • The company’s sales consultants
  • Women who had attended one of this company’s in-home sales parties
  • Prospects
  • Gain insight into expected benefits of:
    • Attending the party
    • The products
  • Garner feedback to 25 new product platforms
  • Help hone the positioning of the new in-home sales channel
  • Aid in the development of future products
Chain of Full-Service Car Wash Facilities Focus groups with:

  • Frequent customers
  • Infrequent customers
  • Gain insight into car-washing attitudes and behaviors
  • Help begin to define target segments
  • Provide input into quantitative questionnaire development
  • Explore reactions to several loyalty program ideas
  • Aid in the development of new marketing and communications efforts
Health Club Focus groups with different segments of the target audience
  • Provide insight into the attitudes and behaviors of the target audience
  • Elicit feedback to proposed enhancements to the facilities
  • Uncover the critical issues that need to be measured in quantitative research
  • Aid in the decision whether the health club should invest in significantly expanding its facilities and programs
Religious Institution In-depth interviews with parents whose pre-teens and teenagers are (or were) members of the youth program
  • Uncover the needs, concerns, and expectations of parents who are dissatisfied with the youth program
  • Help the institution make improvements to its youth program that will:
    • Meet the varied needs of its fellowship
    • Remain true to its goals