About Michelle Blumenthal


As a Marketing Research consultant with 25 years of experience, I employ qualitative research techniques to:

  • Understand customers’ and prospects’ motivations and behaviors
  • Guide strategic marketing decisions


I personally design and conduct the research, analyze the findings and distill relevant implications.   My client experience spans a range of industries, issues and respondent populations, and I have alliances with qualitative research professionals across the globe to accommodate international research needs.


Certifications and Memberships

Blumenthal Qualitative Research is certified by the National Women Business OwnersWBE Certified Corporation as a woman-owned business.

I am a member of:



I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, with a B.A. in Consumer Psychology.


Previous Employment              

I began my Marketing Research career at Young and Rubicam, and honed my qualitative skills at:

  • Mercer Management Consulting (now named Oliver Wyman)
  • Newman-Stein, Inc (since acquired by Radius Global Market  Research)



References are available upon request.  Recommendations can be found on my LinkedIn page.