Household Products
Selected Project Summaries
Type of Project Methodology Specific Research Objectives Business Application
Product Optimization Focus groups among male and female homeowners
  • Explore how consumers are using a particular space in their home and the furniture within that space
  • Discover unmet needs
  • Probe reactions to various pieces of furniture and their features
  • Guide the manufacturer’s future design of furniture to meet consumers’ needs
Exploratory Online bulletin board focus groups with women who live in homes that are less than 850 square feet Explore:

  • The challenges faced by residents of small homes
  • How those challenges influence people’s lives and behavior
  • What types of organizational and/or space-saving products do — or could — help them better overcome those challenges
  • Provide input into the development of space-saving and organization products
New Product Development Focus groups
among women in the target audience
  • Gain insight into the challenges that the target audience faces in a particular area of home life
  • Gather feedback to several concepts for new products
  • Elicit suggestions for optimizing the product concepts
  • Help optimize product concepts prior to quantitative testing
New Product Development Focus groups among women who had tried specified cleaning tools at home
  • Learn about the strengths and limitations of existing cleaning tools
  • Gain insight into unmet needs
  • Enhance knowledge and understanding of the cleaning tools category to provide input into new product development
Positioning and Packaging Focus groups with middle-income women
  • Explore consumers’ attitudes toward and perceptions of different:
    • Types of water
    • Water filtering systems
    • Brands
  • Gain feedback to proposed packaging and competitive packaging
  • Help inform and guide the introduction of a new brand of water filters
Packaging Individual interviews with women
  • Elicit feedback to alternative package designs for a new product
  • Help optimize alternative package configurations prior to quantitative testing
New Product Development/
Focus groups with:

  • First-time mothers of infants
  • Second-time mothers of infants
  • Discover mothers’ unmet challenges
  • Gain feedback to new product ideas
  • Provide guidance for prioritizing and optimizing new product ideas
  • Generate additional new product ideas