Selected Project Summaries
Type of Client Methodology Specific Research Objectives Business Application
Publisher Multi-phased research program, including:

  • Focus groups and in-depth phone interviews with teachers
  • In-person interviews with fifth graders
  • In-depth phone interviews with teachers who had participated in a beta test
  • Explore reactions to a new educational magazine concept
  • Gain feedback to prototypes of the magazine
  • Provide direction for refining the magazine’s:
    • Editorial content
    • Layout and design
Publisher Online bulletin board focus groups among elementary school teachers who subscribe to a specific magazine for the classroom, divided between those who:

  • Use the digital version
  • Don’t use the digital version
  • Gain feedback to the newly-launched digital version of the publication
  • Learn why these magazine users have not used the digital version
Help improve:

  • The product
  • How the benefits of the product are communicated to customers and prospects
  • In-depth interviews with teachers
  • Focus groups with principals
  • Learn how teachers and principals approach direct mail that they receive at school
  • Elicit feedback to direct mail packages
  • Provide guidance for optimizing future mailings to increase response rates
Government Agency Focus groups with parents Gain insight into:

  • Perceptions of how America’s schools are performing
  • Where parents see schools falling short, and why
  • Who they believe should be responsible for improving schools
  • The role they see for different levels of government in education policy and reform
  • Attitudes toward — and understanding of — the concept of standards in education
  • Help develop a strategy for making education a priority on the public agenda
Book Club
Focus groups with teachers
  • Better understand the role book clubs play for teachers
  • Gain a better understanding of teachers’ decision process with regard to school book clubs
  • Explore perceptions of the book club
  • Provide guidance for improving the book club in terms of the:
    • Titles offered
    • Catalogs
    • Reward programs